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About The Scene

The Scene: Youth Media Festival is a youth-centred festival that promotes media literacy and community engagement. The Festival is dedicated to the presentation of media work that complements the curriculum needs of Saskatchewan secondary schools. With its educational focus, The Scene presents screenings, panel discussions, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and hands-on workshops. While the Festival targets teachers and students, it is open to the public.

The Scene Team

Kirby Wirchenko is in his sixth year as Executive Director at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon. It has been non-stop excitement for that time, leading the historic theatre into its busiest and most varied existence since its inception as a Community-Owned organization in 1993. "The most exciting thing for me is that the Broadway is really living up to community ownership; we're visited by over 50,000 people every year for all kinds of events and reasons". That being said, Kirby has a special joy in hosting the inaugural SCENE Youth media Festival - as it marks a new investment into film and the young people who will shape the future of filmmaking in Saskatchewan.

Kirby is 6'4", shaves his head regularly, rides a beautiful Italian motorcycle and is a Scorpio.

Renée Penney is co-creator and program curator for The Scene: Youth Media Festival. She also produced and curated the Flicks International Film Festival for Young People in Saskatoon for two seasons. During that time she developed the School Day Series, which became the inspiration for The Scene. Renée is currently the Director of Student Advising and Academic Services in the College of Arts and Science at U of S. She is a life-long learner and she thoroughly enjoys working with students. She has extensive experience working in the artist-run centre network in Canada as an arts administrator AND, she was a practicing artist for twelve years.

Matthew Stefanson is the Scene Festival Administrator and the rentals manager for the Broadway Theatre. Matthew grew up in Saskatoon and he has worked with the Broadway in some capacity for almost a decade. Somewhere in there, he went to Concordia and got a degree in painting pretty okay pictures of people.

Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton is the resident Film Programmer at the Broadway and has spent the last three years occupying the theatre's screen with the finest independent cinema from all over the world. Over the last decade in a half Scott has been many things to Saskatoon; a “Musician Type” and promoter of strange sound, abrasive radio personality, occasional production assistant in the local film scene, and a puppet-master behind the film programming of his most beloved cultural hub. When he's not haunting Broadway HQ he is traveling the world promoting tinnitus and poor sleeping habits with his noisy bands. Scott is shorter than Andre the Giant but taller than Glen Danzig and is a Sagittarius, though he doesn't put much stock in the zodiac calendar.

John Lou, Projectionist

Sherry Van Hesteren
Curriculum Consultant

Amber Huck
Communication Consultant

Bonney Walters
Office and Volunteer Manager, The Broadway Theatre