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Break the Fake

How To Tell What’s True Online
Wednesday April 29 @ 9:30 AM
Interactive Presentation and Q&A Session
Guest Presenter: Marc Alexandre Ladouceur from MediaSmarts
Running Time: 90 minutes
Ages: 11+

In today’s digital world, critical thinking is more important than ever! In this 90-minute presentation, Marc Alexandre will teach students how to tell what’s true and what’s false online. Students (and educators!) will learn what to look for, and practice four quick, fact-checking techniques they can use every day. By the time they leave this presentation, students will be able to confirm whether online information is reliable - and debunk it if it’s not. For educators, Break the Fake includes lots of teacher resources so you can carry this discussion back into the classroom!

The Scene is delighted to be partnering with MediaSmarts to bring this important presentation to students and educators in Saskatoon!

Marc Alexandre Ladouceur Biography

As a Media Education Specialist at MediaSmarts, Canada’s centre for digital and media literacy, Marc Alexandre Ladouceur creates resources for educators, parents and community groups and conducts outreach activities with schools, school boards, education ministries, faculties of education and community organizations across Canada. He holds a Masters Degree in Theology, as well as Bachelors in Education and Theology. Marc Alexandre has previously worked as a teacher in the Ontario and Alberta school systems, as a facilitator in Ontario schools and as an editor and translator. He believes in the well-being of all persons experiencing the rapid growth of technology through comprehensive digital literacy and intersubjective education.

About MediaSmarts

MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. Our vision is for children and youth to have the critical thinking skills they need to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens.


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