Festival Transportation Reimbursement Policy:
The Broadway Theatre can provide reimbursement for bus travel to The Scene. For SPSD and GSCS groups, teachers must book their own buses, and the bus invoices will be paid by your respective administrative offices. Broadway Theatre will issue reimbursement to school board head offices after the festival has concluded. If you are booking a group from outside the Saskatoon Public or Catholic Divisions, please contact Scene Administrator Matthew Stefanson at 306-652-6556 x 2 to make alternate arrangements.


Schedule & Program Descriptions

Destination Imagination!
The Birth of a Family
In the Name of All Canadians
Angry Inuk
Adventures in Prairie Production!
The Breadwinner

Being Me

In this collection of documentaries, we meet youth from around the world who show us what it means to face life’s challenges and be true to ourselves. Featuring films from Canada and the Netherlands, this program will shed light on the experiences of youth who face discrimination.

Ages: 12+ - Running Time: 58 minutes
Thursday, March 9 @ 12:45
Advisory: mention of suicidal thoughts in Ninnoc and Handsome and Majestic.

Regalia: Pride in Two Spirits

David Ng and Jen Sungshine / Canada / 2016 / 5 mins

The Lion and the Brave Mouse (De Leeuw en de Dappere Muis)

Els Van Driel / Netherlands / 2014 / 20 mins *Arabic with English subtitles


Niki Padidar / Netherlands / 2015 / 19 mins *Dutch with English subtitles

Handsome and Majestic

Jeff Petry & Nathan Drillot / Canada / 2015 / 12 mins