Festival Transportation Reimbursement Policy:
The Broadway Theatre can provide reimbursement for bus travel to The Scene. For SPSD and GSCS groups, teachers must book their own buses, and the bus invoices will be paid by your respective administrative offices. Broadway Theatre will issue reimbursement to school board head offices after the festival has concluded. If you are booking a group from outside the Saskatoon Public or Catholic Divisions, please contact Scene Administrator Matthew Stefanson at 306-652-6556 x 2 to make alternate arrangements.


Schedule & Program Descriptions

Destination Imagination!
Journey Towards Reconciliation
Being Me
Friendship and Family
The Power of Storytelling

Destination Imagination!

Hop on board for an exciting showcase of award-winning animation from around the world! Featuring films from Hungary, Russia, Germany, Iran, Uruguay, France, and the United Kingdom, this showcase celebrates quirky and inventive characters! All films in this program are in English or have no dialogue.

Ages: 6+ - Running Time: 49 minutes

Hey Deer!

Örs Bárczy / 2015 / Hungary / 6 mins

Hard to be a Sparrow

Darya Vyatkina / 2014 /Russia / 7 mins

Bat Time

Elena Walf / 2015 / Germany / 4 mins

Mr. Violet

Abbas Jalali Yekta / 2014 / Iran / 3 mins


Rhiannon Evans / 2015 / United Kingdom / 7 mins

Head Up!

Gottfried Mentor / 2015 / Germany / 3 mins

Junk (Chatarra)

Walter Tournier / 2015 / Uruguay / 6 mins

I am Not a Mouse

Evgenia Golubeva / 2015 / United Kingdom / 2 mins


Julia Ocker / 2015 / Germany / 4 mins


Romain Brodelle, Florian Crevel, Adrien Epiney, Tanina Matola, Sébastien Mounier /2015 / France / 7 mins